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Proceed below to get all the latest information regarding Babysitting Jobs In Melbourne With No Experience so that you can have a successful application for any job.

In Melbourne, there are several babysitting jobs with no professional experience babysitting is considered a casual job, and aspiring candidates must have one or two experiences with families and younger ones.

Anyways, if you are among them, then here on this post, we have dedicated ourselves to bringing and compiling all the best Babysitting Jobs In Melbourne that don’t require too much experience.

Details on Babysitting Jobs In Melbourne With No Experience

You don’t need any formal qualifications to become a great babysitter or nanny for the job is based on your skills, knowledge, character, and competence.

A babysitting job is a job that really doesn’t require too much educational background, but despite this, if you wish to get a babysitting job without experience, you must consider some things which will be addressed.

All babysitters should start by taking an introductory babysitting course and first aid training, regardless of age or experience. If you have not babysat in the past, you can gain childcare experience by volunteering to work with children in a school, neighborhood, church, or library.

Available Babysitting Jobs In Melbourne With No Experience

Several Babysitting Jobs In Melbourne don’t require too much experience or qualification from interested candidates.

1. Babysitters Now

With the babysitters Now agency, there is no experience mandated before you are connected to a babysitting job in Melbourne.

There are babysitting jobs for everyone, from 15-year-old students to professionals & grandparents.

Babysitters connect Parents with local Babysitters, Nannies & Au Pairs. You can rest assured for it is secure, accessible, transparent, free & fast.

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All you have to do is to create a great-looking profile for local parents to find you for many parents, don’t put up a job Ad but make contact directly, so make sure you can be located.

Apply Now

2. GreatAu Pair

Great Au pair is a recruitment agency, and i can assure you that this is one of the best sites to help nanny job seekers with different families in Melbourne. Different families seek babysitters, and they are all advertised on the recruitment platform for interested candidates to apply.

All you have to do is to create an account on Au Pair if you do not have one, and then you get to directly send a message to the hiring family in need of a babysitter.

If you have little to no experience in working as a babysitter, you should definitely go through the available vacancies and apply for the one that suits you.

Current vacancies include;

  • Daniela T. is looking Fun, easy-going, and helpful babysitter
  • Nina M. is seeking a Japanese carer to babysit her toddler
  • Elle K. seeks a casual help

All these are currently the families in Melbourne searching for babysitters; hence, refer to the link below to apply.

Apply Now

3. Babysit –  No Experience

This agency is fully recommended for there are no special requirements or experiences, and if you are 16 years old and above, you should also try this agency out.

Many families seek to employ babysitters no matter the age provided, and they offer their services fully.

There are different schedules as some parents will want you to babysit their children only when they want to go out for dates, some after school, and so much more.

All babysitting jobs on babysitting have been compiled through the link below for your immediate application.

Take note that this agency has been mentioned here on this particular post because there is mo mandated babysitting experience for the interested candidates.

Now, if you have little to no professional experience, you can still apply for a babysitting job through the link below, for there are so many families waiting

Apply Now

4. We Need A Nanny – Babysitting Jobs

We Need A Nanny is also mentioned here because it is an agency and Australia’s #1 job board for a nanny, au pair & babysitter jobs, and you can apply with little or no experience

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Currently, there are babysitting vacancies for you to explore and apply which will be outlined below;

Current vacancies include

– Day Babysitting Job- one-off to start with at Elsternwick, Mel, Vic.

There is a loving, fun family located in Elsternwick. Eldest is 7, and youngest is 5- they adore each other.

Your Duties include looking after both children and making sure they are happy, safe, and comfortable.

It would be best if you were willing to play, listen, engage and have fun with the kids and give them downtime when needed.

  • Expected Start Date: 29th May 2022
  • Required Days: Sunday
  • Pet Friendly: Required
  • Working Hours: <10 hours
– Babysitting for Carnegie family at Carnegie Mel, Vic.

A family has two kids, both in primary school, their daughter is older (9), and their son is younger (5).

They are active and like things like dancing, singing, and jumping on the trampoline. They are also pretty theatrical and like putting and plays and the like.

The kids are very social and will want to interact and play with the carer, and there are also two cats in the house.

They would like to make contact with a babysitter for occasional babysitting. At the moment, they have no one to look after the kids outside of the family.

They would like to start on a Friday or Saturday evening so they can go out. Depending on how things go, there might be a need for after-school care one or two days a week too.

– Babysitting in Surrey Hills

A family of 6 in Surrey Hills with children aged 14, 10, 7, and 4 are looking for someone to look after their children Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, 3 pm-6 pm.

They are looking for a kind, confident and caring person who enjoys caring for children. Duties for the younger 3 include school and daycare pick up, taking to activities, and afternoon tea/homework.

The teenager is mainly independent; however, a Drivers’ license is required, and the family car is available for use.

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Your duties include – School and daycare pick up using family car Afternoon tea Supervising homework Taking to activity on Tuesday.

  • Expected Start Date: 30th May 2022
  • Required Days: – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday
  • Working Hours: <10 hours

Kindly refer to the link below to apply for any of the three vacancies mentioned above before the expected starting date.

Apply Now

Salary Of Babysitter In Melbourne With No Experience

The average salary for less experienced babysitters rates are $20-30/hr.

Previously, a post on Babysitting Jobs In Melbourne has been compiled, now read and apply if interested.

Conclusion On Babysitting Jobs In Melbourne With No Experience 2023/2024

The application website gives crucial information related to the Babysitting Jobs In Melbourne With No Experience 2023/2024 for candidates to start applying now.

This post has been critically compiled to bring all the authentic and ongoing positions with all the available Babysitting Jobs In Melbourne With No Experience to keep you on the right track.

After applying and finally getting a Babysitting Jobs In Melbourne With No Experience, you can enjoy a rich and rewarding extra dimension to your life and work to realize your future career.

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