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If you wish to work in Australia then it is mandatory and advisable that all students should ensure they are aware of the working time and restrictions.

International students should take note of this, especially when applying for a student visa and if any of their family members is also accompanying them during the working hour rules will apply to both of them.

Here in this article, all the related questions to the Australian Student Visa Working Hour will all be responded to so as to give more light and clarification on this crucial topic.

Latest Update On The Australian Student Visa Working Hour 2022/2023

The Australian government recently announced a temporary relaxation of working hours for those holding Student Visas.

This means that students can now work for more than 40 hours per fortnight, in general, this announcement was declared this year in January to work past this 40 hours will still be reviewed by the government in April.

Despite the fact that students are granted this access, it must not still be abused as you must comply with the visa condition of 8105.

Student visa 8105 working limitation condition 1

Details On The 40 Hours Per Fortnight

A fortnight is a 14-day (is every 2 weeks) period that starts on a Monday and ends on a Sunday. You may not work more than 40 hours during any fortnight.

For example to calculate the 40 hours per fortnight, if you worked the following hours:

  • Week 1: 10 hours
  • Week 2: 30 hours
  • Week 3: 20 hours
  • Week 4: 20 hours
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Make sure that these 2 weeks’ working hours don’t exceed the 40 hours which have been implemented so as not to get your visa canceled.

Student Visa Working Hour Restrictions

Student visas are subject to conditions 8104 or 8105, which allow limited work in Australia. Under these conditions:

  • You (and your dependents, if any) can only work after you have commenced your course
  • You (and your dependents, if any) must adhere to the work hour restrictions set out in your visa conditions.

In order to throw more light on the restrictions, it simply means that when any family member (known as a dependent) is accompanying any student be it a spouse or children, all the laws guiding your working flexibility also apply to them.

Student Work Hour Restrictions

The student work hour restriction is tabulated for you to also be aware of the dependents working flexibility (Your family) who also comes along with you.

Student Type

Coursework students who have started their degree 40 hours per fortnight Unlimited hours
Graduate researchers who have started their degree Unlimited hours N/A
AusAwards or Defence students 40 hours per fortnight Unlimited hours

Dependent work hour restrictions

Dependants of student visa holders enrolled in a Master’s or Doctorate degree Unlimited hours N/A
Dependents of all other student visa holders 40 hours per fortnight N/A

Rules For The Student Australian Student Working Hour

  1. International students are allowed to work for 40 hours per fortnight
  2. Students can seek employment before their classes start
  3. You can begin working immediately your course commences
  4. You must not miss or skip your courses for worker exploitation.
  5. Students who cancel their enrollment, stop attending classes, or stop meeting their academic progress will have a breach in their visa as it will be canceled.
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Working More Than 40 Hours

1. This is an exception only for graduate students, poly graduate students, and master’s students for they are free to work for 40 hours now.

2. You can also do voluntary work for  Hours spent volunteering will not count towards your student visa work hour limits, if:

  • Your main purpose in Australia continues to be your studies (and any work remains a secondary activity)
  • The work is genuinely voluntary, and would not otherwise be undertaken by an Australian resident as employment
  • The activities are for a non-profit organization and no remuneration (in cash or kind) is received in return.

3. International students can work for more than 40 hours only if they are employed;

  • By an aged care Approved Provider or Commonwealth-funded aged care service provider with a RACS ID or a NAPS ID
  • By a registered National Disability Insurance Scheme provider
  • Enrolled in a healthcare-related course and you are supporting the health effort against COVID-19
  • In the agriculture sector
  • In the tourism and hospitality sector.

Employment To Work As An International Student

Employers must continue to follow Australian workplace law. Overseas workers, including international students, have the same rights under Australian workplace law as all other employees.

Many organizations across Australia, including employers, recruitment agencies, and banks, can also check your work conditions after getting your consent.

If someone wants you to verify your work rights, provide them with a copy of your visa grant letter or a link to Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO).

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All you have to do is to provide your date of birth, passport details, and visa Grant Number or Transaction Reference Number (TRN)

Conclusion On Australian Student Visa Working Hour 2022/2023

The main reason for these flexible working hours is because of the effect of the covid 19 and still, on the way, the government wishes to make the time-unlimited but until April however.

Now’s your chance, with these working hours, You, therefore, have no limitation in taking jobs up and working in to achieve and pay for basic needs now.

The article above gives crucial information about the Australian Student Visa Working Hour 2022/2023 for candidates to be aware of the flexible hour of Australia.

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