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Australian Public Service Jobs are more than jobs, for they help to bring out the best in you in whatever field you find yourself in.

Australia Public Service is put in place to improve lives, influence social changes, and other positive vibes, including your own personal development.


Now read below to get all the latest information and job vacancies within the Australia Public services so that you can apply.

Details On Australia Public Services Jobs

The Australian Public Service (APS) is the federal civil service of the Commonwealth of Australia responsible for the public administration, public policy, and public services of the departments and executive and statutory agencies of the Government of Australia.


People who work in public service sectors are known as public servants, and more will be outlined in the next line.

A public servant is an employee of the Government who works in any department and works at all levels of Government, including local, state, and federal.


Public servants in the Australian Public Service (APS) work in a wide range of areas such as community and social services, defense, economic management, education, employment, foreign affairs, health, housing, industrial relations, and transport.

Features Of Australia Public Service Jobs

Australia Public Service jobs offer a full range of full-time, part-time, casual, flexible, work from home, and onsite jobs for you to make a selection that suits you.

All the Australia Public Service jobs are available throughout the Australian states such as Victoria, New South Wales, Southern Australia, Queensland, northern Australia, ACT, and WA TAS.

The Australia Public Service offers different ranges of jobs to individuals, and the categories are outlined below.

  • Trainee, Apprentice & School Leavers Jobs For high school students, graduates, and people seeking a career change.
  • Cadetships and Sponsorships Opportunities For university students.
  • Internship Jobs For university students
  • Work experience For year 11 and year 12 students
  • Graduate Jobs For university graduates and postgraduates
  • Veterans Jobs For defense force personnel
  • Career change For professionals with working experience.
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Australia Public Service Classification

There are different APS Classification( career structure is hierarchical) under the Australian Public ServicePu, and they include;

  • APS Level 1
  • APS Level 2
  • APS Level 3
  • APS Level 4
  • APS Level 5
  • APS Level 6
  • Chief Of Division Grade 1
  • Chief Of Division Grade 2
  • Chief Of Division Grade 3
  • Executive level 1
  • Executive level 2
  • Government lawyer
  • It Specialist
  • Principal Government lawyer
  • Senior Executive Service Band 1 -3
  • Medical Officer Class 1 -6
  • Border Trainee and so many more

Different Jobs In Australia Public Service

  1. Accounting, Finance Jobs
  2. Administration Jobs
  3. Agriculture, Horticulture Jobs
  4. Apprenticeship, Traineeship Jobs
  5. Arts, Culture Jobs
  6. Communication Jobs
  7. Customer Serice, Call Center Jobs
  8. Data Jobs
  9. Economics, Statistics Jobs
  10. Education, Training Jobs
  11. Evaluation, Audit Jobs
  12. Graduate Jobs
  13. Grant Management Jobs
  14. Human Resources(HR) and People Jobs
  15. Info/Comm Tech (ICT) Jobs
  16. Information management, Library Jobs
  17. Intelligence Jobs
  18. International Jobs
  19. Legal Jobs
  20. Media Marketing Jobs
  21. Medical, Health Science Jobs
  22. Organisation Leadership Jobs
  23. Other Management Jobs
  24. Parliamentary Officer Jobs
  25. Policy Jobs
  26. Procurement Contract Management Jobs
  27. Programme Management Jobs
  28. Project Management Jobs
  29. Property Management, Maintenance Jobs
  30. Regulation Jobs
  31. Research Jobs
  32. Science, Engineering, Technical Jobs
  33. Security Jobs
  34. Social Sciences, Social Services Jobs
  35. Sport, Recreation, Tourism Jobs
  36. Trades Related Jobs
  37. Transport Logistics Jobs
  38. Workplace Relations Jobs

Requirements To Apply For Australia Public Service Jobs

  • To become a state public servant you usually have to complete Year 10 or your Senior Secondary Certificate of Education, depending on the entry position.
  • You can enter the Australia Public Service as a Graduate Administrative Assistant or a Trainee Administrative Service Officer.
  • You do not require any formal training or academic qualifications to become a Trainee Administrative Service Officer.
  • You may require a bachelor’s degree for higher jobs
  • If you possess the required qualifications or some basic skills in administration, data entry, and computing, your job prospects may improve.
  • Each position in the APS has specific requirements, and job applicants need to demonstrate that they meet these requirements by responding to set selection criteria.

Department/Agency Jobs With Vacancies

1. Aboriginal Hostel Limited (15 Jobs) – consists of Hotel Jobs for individuals such as hotel managers jobs, hostel workers, cooks, and assistant hotel managers, and they all come with different APS classifications and across the different locations.

2. Administrative Appeals Tribunal (5 Jobs) – Vacancies are EL2 Director – Data, Performance and Insights job, APS5 Senior Tribunal Officer, APS4 Tribunal Officer, Associate Employment Register (Non-Ongoing), and the last one, moreover all come with attractive salaries.

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3. Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission (6 jobs) – vacancies are Assistant Director, Operational Policy & Support job, assistant director, APS5 Policy Officer – Multiple Positions, APS6 Senior Policy Officer – Multiple Positions, and the others.

4. Austrade (4 Jobs) – vacancies are; Senior Adviser – Infrastructure, Project Manager – South Asia Education Initiatives, 2023 Temporary Register: Simplified Trade System Taskforce, and Austrade Temporary Employment Register 2021-2023

5. Australian Bureau of Statistics (6 jobs) – vacancies are; Statistical Analyst APS4 – Wage Price Index, Data Analysis Specialist, Mathematical Statistician, Data Scientist, and Data Collection Methodologist (APS6), Director – Data, Middleware and Analytics, and the rest jobs.

6. Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity (1 job) – seeks a Temporary Employment Register and welcomes people from different professions to apply whether from legal services, administration and Government, human resources, and so many more.

7. Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) (4 Jobs) – vacancies include Counsel Assisting Senior Lawyer, Integration Specialist, System Engagement Officer, and Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission – Temporary Employment Register.

8. Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (12 Jobs) – vacancies include Senior Service Desk Analyst, Service Desk Analyst, Staff Psychologist, Assistant Director Communications, Senior Communications Officer, 2023 Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade Graduate Program, and so many more jobs

9. Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, and Communications (7 jobs) – vacancies include EL1 Assistant Director, Conduct and Performance Case Management, EL1 Assistant Director, Vehicle Safety Operations Branch, APS5 Regulatory Officer, APS6 Senior Regulatory Officer, SES Band 1 – Assistant Secretary, Various Positions and others.

10. Department Of Health (24 jobs) – vacancies include Policy Officer, Director, National Health Emergency Preparedness and Planning Section, Departmental Officer, Executive Director, Data Analyst, Senior Midwifery Advisor, and so many more.

Other Department Jobs

  • Aged Care Quality and Safety
  • Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency
  • AirService Australia
  • Attorney-General’s Department
  • Australian Antarctic Division
  • Australian Building and Construction Commission
  • Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR)
  • Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC)
  • Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority
  • Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (ACSQHC)
  • Office of the Inspector-General of Taxation
  • Australian Maritime Safety Authority
  • National Health and Medical Research Council
  • Department of Agriculture
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Salary Of Australian Public Servants

Employment classifications in the Australian Public Service
Level/classification Example position titles Annual Salary
Trainee Technical Trainee $48,162
APS 1 Departmental Officer $44,605
APS 2 Departmental Officer $50,479
APS 3 Departmental Officer $57,500
APS 4 Departmental Officer $65,133
APS 5 Departmental Officer $71,477
APS 6 Departmental Officer $81,374
Executive Level 1 (EL1) Assistant Director Manager Assistant Section Manager $102,967
Executive Level 2 (EL2) Director Section Manager Section Head $124,906
Senior Executive Service Band 1 (SES Band 1) Assistant Secretary (AS) Branch Head Branch Manager (BM) $298,282
Senior Executive Service Band 2 (SES Band 2) First Assistant Secretary (FAS) Division Head Division Manager $391,013
Senior Executive Service Band 3 (SES Band 3) Deputy Secretary (DEPSEC) Chief Executive Officer $501,800
Departmental head Secretary $703,000

How To Apply For Australian Public Service Jobs

To apply for any of the Australian Public Service Jobs, then refer to the apply now link provided below.

Once you are taken to the official website of the Australian Public Service, use the search boxes to search and apply for the specific job you wish for.

Before applying, make sure that you meet all the requirements and that you are comfortable with the salary outlined.

Most of the jobs are mainly for Australian citizens, and international people have their own category.

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Conclusion On Australian Public Service Jobs 2023/2024

The above article gives crucial information related to the Australian Public Service Jobs 2023/2024 Application Form for interested candidates to start applying now.

Make sure that when you get the teaching job, After applying and you finally get the job, you can enjoy a rich and rewarding extra dimension to your life and work to realize your future career.

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