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I will be addressing the Auckland Exam Timetable. To find more information about the Auckland Exam Timetable, Surf through the post.

Get the complete and authentic information about the Auckland Exam Timetable for the session and prepare for the upcoming exams you have enrolled in. The earlier you start studying, the better result you may achieve. A

study plan with the Auckland Exam Timetable will help you split your studying into bite-sized scraps, and Outlining what you need to do every day will help you know exactly what you need to do and when.

This way, you can learn and memorize more effectively and avoid stressing yourself. If you start studying on time, nothing will hinder you from getting straight A’s, which will help students learn more effectively and gain better scores.

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Students are very clear about the subject they must study in a particular period. A timetable ensures that each class has only one teacher during the learning hours of a specific period. Time table also reduces the confusion while learning.

And the definition an exam is a test administered to assess someone’s level of understanding or knowledge or a medical procedure designed to determine the state of your health. A test you take to gain admittance to a school is an example of an entrance exam.

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In this case, Exams are a form of learning activity. And the purpose of this activity is so it can enable students to see the material from a different perspective. They also provide feedback that students can then use to improve their understanding.

To identify weaknesses and correct them. And the main objective when designing an examination timetable is to develop an optimized, most appropriate schedule for a set of examinations that satisfies pre-defined constraints.

In the case of Auckland, because of the flexibility of courses of study at Auckland, examination timetabling cannot begin until after the last day to delete papers for that teaching period. Therefore, the anticipated dates for the release of examination timetable dates and times.

Exam timetable

Exam timetables are typically published online during the mid-semester break of the relevant semester. During Summer School, the exam timetable is released 20 days before the start of the exam period.

View and print your exam timetable

The Semester Two 2022 timetable is now available. You can sign into Student Services Online to view and print your exam timetable once the official list has been released. See How to view your exam timetable.

All exam times are listed as New Zealand Standard Time (NZST). You must check and double-check your exam date and time. If you are located outside New Zealand, you must translate your exam time to your local time.

Unfortunately, if you miss your exam by mixing up the time or date, your final grade will be recorded as DNS (Did Not Sit). For more information, please see the Missed exam.

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Finding out the official exam dates

Each semester, the school will email you that the official exam dates are available on Student Services Online.

Please note that exam dates are only official for the current semester. Please do not take dates from any other source as official. Some changes may be necessary after publication, so please keep checking your exam times on Student Services Online.

All changes will be posted on this page and the Exam news page. Please note that your exams may fall on the last day of the relevant semester. Check the Calendar for Semester and quarter dates to find out when the exam periods fall throughout the year.

For those that are unable to see their exam timetable?

If you haven’t paid your fees, you might be unable to view your exam timetable. The link for your exam timetable will not be available in Student Services Online (SSO) until the program is released. You’ll need to pay your fees immediately; see Paying your fees.

Exam Result

When the results are available, Final results are usually open between 10 and 20 days after the last day of the exam period for most taught courses, including those without an exam. The results can be accessed on Student Services Online.

Some results, such as practical courses or dissertations, may take longer. The marks or grades returned to you in Canvas are not final and may still be subject to review. Student Services Online will publish your filastnd approved quality for any course.

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Grade types

Pass grades










CP (Conceded Pass).

Fail grades


D, D-,

DNC (did not complete),

DNS (did not sit).

Other Completed,

F (Fail),

P (Pass),

FNG (Fail Not Graded)

Conclusion On The Auckland Exam Timetable 2023/2024

The Auckland Exam Timetable is of great importance to every student to help them study their respective subjects and ensure they also get the desired result.
As said above, the Auckland Exam Timetable will put you through for you to be fully prepared before the examination day.
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