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The Australian Public Service Jobs (APS) Application Form offers several targeted employment opportunities and is open for 2023/2024.

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Job Description

The Australian Public Service (APS) is the federal civil service of the Commonwealth of Australia responsible for the public administration, public policy, and public services of the departments and executive and statutory agencies of the Government of Australia.

The APS has a general function of service delivery, law-making, rule-making, policy development, tax collection and managing government finance, and monitoring and enforcing laws and regulations.

APS Job Classifications

Jobs in the APS are classified according to expected levels of work and responsibility, and the most common classifications are:

  1.  Training classifications—jobs that include completion of a training program, including trainee and graduate positions
  2.  APS 1 and 2—general administrative and service positions
  3. APS 3 and 4—general administrative, technical, project, public contact, and service positions.
  4. APS 5 and 6—senior administrative, technical, project, policy, and service positions may have supervisory responsibilities.
  5. Executive Level 1 and 2—middle management or professional positions
  6. Senior Executive Service Band 1, 2, and 3—senior leadership and management positions

Types Of APS Jobs

The APS has a wide range of jobs corresponding to different roles and levels of responsibility (grouped as classification levels). These include:

  • Service delivery and advice to the public
  • Policy advise, program design or implementation, stakeholder management, and strategic decision-making
  • Corporate services include information technology, human resources, records management, accounts processing, and ministerial and parliamentary processes.
  • Technical and professional jobs such as lawyers, journalists, accountants, scientists, engineers, librarians, inspectors, and economists
  • A range of project and administrative support jobs.
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Anyways, APS offers full-time and part-time jobs on either a non-ongoing (temporary) or ongoing (permanent) basis, so you know.

Requirement For The Australian Public Service Jobs

To be eligible for the Australian public service, you have to be aware of the entry-level for the specific position that you are applying for; however, a general entry requirement will be given below;

  1. You must complete a Senior Secondary Certificate of Education or just your Year 10.
  2. You can enter the APS (Australian Public Service) as a Graduate Administrative Assistant or a Trainee Administrative Service Officer.
  3. Most APS jobs are open to all Australian citizens; however, individual agencies may decide to employ non-Australian citizens.
  4. You will likely be asked to submit a written application with your CV when applying for a job.
  5. People with a disability are welcomed and encouraged to apply for vacancies in the APS. Positions may be identified as only open to people with disabilities.
  6. Several Australian Government departments and agencies require employees to hold security clearances.
  7. Your employment prospects may be improved if you have qualifications or basic skills in computing, data entry, and administration.
  8. The merit principle in recruitment and promotion means that the person whose skills, knowledge, and experience best match the job requirements will be selected.
  9. Graduate entry into state government requires completing a degree from a recognized tertiary institution.
  10. You may be asked to complete an online application form.
  11. If your application is successful, you may be invited to an interview or assessment center as part of the selection process.

Skills Requirement For The APS Jobs

Getting a job in the APS depends on looking at your skills, abilities, and experience; how well they fit the job requirements and what you can bring to the role are all very important. They include;

  • Good oral and written communication skills
  • Discreet when dealing with confidential information
  • Able to analyze and solve problems
  • Good organizational and time management skills
  • Responsible attitude
  • Able to work neatly and accurately
  • Able to work as part of a team
  • Methodical approach to work
  • Australian citizenship, permanent residency, or an appropriate work visa
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APS Recruitment Process

The APS employs a Merit List whereby they recruit staff based on merit, which means that from a field of applicants, APS selects the best person for the job.

Once applications have closed, your application will be assessed against the job requirements and compared with other applicants to make a shortlist of those suitable, or most suitable, to be considered further.

To do this, they compare and weigh up each applicant’s skills, abilities, and experience using different tools and techniques, such as written applications, CVs, interviews, and/or work-sample tests, to collect the evidence they need to make a merit-based decision.

If you are short-listed for further consideration, you may be invited to attend a face-to-face interview. APS may ask you to provide the name of a referee or two for them to contact—someone you have worked with recently or who knows your skills and abilities.

If you are successfully offered an APS job—this may be done in a phone call or email and then confirmed in writing.

How To Apply for an APS Job

  1. Applying directly for jobs advertised in the Public Service at, on agency websites or websites such as, or even in newspapers.
  2. Applying for school leaver programs, traineeships, apprenticeships, cadetships, internships, or graduate programs
  3. Register on a temporary employment register for the opportunity to be selected for short-term jobs.
  4. These registers are available online on many APS agency websites, on APSjobs, and occasionally through recruitment companies.
  5. Take the time to check all the required information when applying for a job.
  6. There may be particular requirements with each job vacancy, such as submitting your CV, providing a written application, or completing an application form.
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Salary For The Australian Public Service

The salary for the Australian Public service are highlighted below according to rank

Ranks Minimum Salary Maximum Salary
APS 1 $45,952 $51,583
APS 2 $52,004 $59,065
APS 3 $59,237 $65,270
APS 4 $67,100 $73,256
APS 5 $73,636 $79,841
APS 6 $80,669 $94,930
EL 1 $101,955 $142,087
EL 2 $118,376 $190,230
SES 1 $164,152 $237,462
SES 2 $199,189 $326,400
SES 3 $247,687 $540,600
Other $247,687 $540,600

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