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Do you wish to engage and work in Afternoon Cleaning Jobs In Melbourne? Here is a privilege for you to be involved in this fantastic job.

The available Afternoon Cleaning Jobs In Melbourne For Candidates will surface in this article to enlarge your knowledge and help the candidates.

The candidates should bring authentic documents and requirements while applying for the Afternoon Cleaning Jobs In Melbourne during the application process.

In the application process, you should follow every piece of information and instruction concerning the Afternoon Cleaning Jobs In Melbourne to avoid minor mistakes.

It is rewarding to clean people’s homes, so they spend more quality time as a family or more time pursuing their passions and having a good vibe while in their homes.

Job Description

You might ask as a candidate wanting to apply if Afternoon Cleaning Jobs are stressful? The answer to the above question is negative.

Working as an Afternoon Cleaner is a balanced job description; since it comes in mid-day, you can decide to sleep in the early hours, work in the afternoon, and rest at night.


For interested and vibrant candidates who enjoy organizing and cleaning their surroundings, pursuing a career as a cleaner is often rewarding.

With many homes or businesses requiring cleaning services, there are many ways you can pursue and boost this career path.

Hence read further and discover the enormous insight I have showcased concerning the Afternoon Cleaning Jobs In Melbourne, and please do not hesitate to apply now!.

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Afternoon Cleaning Jobs In Melbourne

You can see with the presence of Afternoon cleaners and cleanliness In Melbourne will ensure to be found as cleaners demonstrate and portray the call of cleanliness.

Find your reference of choice opportunity in the Afternoon Cleaning job section and start your application immediately.


Afternoon Cleaning Jobs In Melbourne-Early Morning and Day Shift Cleaners

Early Morning and Day Shift Cleaner’s primary job description is to complete cleaning tasks using appropriate methods, equipment, and chemicals.

Early Morning and Day Shift Cleaner surface the role that will enable you to become an integral part of the team responsible for continuous production flow during the cleaning process.

They also portray the act of dusting, vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms, spot cleaning, emptying wastebaskets, mopping floors, and other duties as assigned.

Salary: The average salary for an Early Morning and Day Shift Cleaner is AUD 30 per hour in Melbourne VIC.


  1. Notifies managers concerning the need for minor or major repairs or additions to building operating systems
  2. Establishes and maintains effective communication and working relationships with clients, co-workers, shift coordinators, supervisors, managers, etc.
  3. Complies with all safety, security, compliance, and quality standards and procedures established by the Company, Clients, and regulatory authorities
  4. Performing and documenting routine inspection and maintenance activities in the respective workplaces
  5. The afternoon cleaner must be flexible and willing to complete all assigned tasks.


  1. Sets up, stocks, and maintains cleaning equipment and supplies.
  2. Monitors and maintains sanitation and organization of assigned areas.
  3. Transports dirty linens to the correct area and restocks areas with clean linens.
  4. Assists other departments when needed to ensure optimum service to guests.
  5. Notify management of occurring deficiencies or needs for repairs
  6. Make adjustments and minor repairs
  7. Periodically cleans overhead vents and specks of dust blinds and polishes wood furniture.
  8. Stock and maintain supply rooms
  9. Sets up, arranges, and removes decorations, tables, chairs, ladders, and scaffolding to prepare facilities for events such as banquets and meetings
  10. Cooperate with the rest of the staff
  11. Follow all health and safety regulations
  12. They make sure they finish their job before the end of the day
  13. Strips, seals, finishes, and polishes floors
  14. Cleans and vacuums carpeted areas, including the application of spot cleaning treatment
  15. Wipes and cleans tabletops, chairs, and equipment in food areas
  16. Cleans and polishes furniture and fixtures
  17. Cleans interior partition glass, windows, glass partitions, and mirrors using soapy water or other cleaners, sponges, and squeegees
  18. Sprays insecticides and fumigants to prevent insect and rodent infestation
  19. Must keep janitor’s closet neat and orderly and maintain equipment in good working order
  20. Monitors the building security and safety by performing such tasks as locking doors after operating hours and possibly checking electrical appliances.
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  1. There is always work
  2. Exercise
  3. Job satisfaction
  4. Confidence booster
  5. They demonstrated the ability to work as part of a team in public.


  1. The ability to work independently with minimal supervision
  2. Ability to handle heavy equipment and machinery
  3. Knowledge of cleaning chemicals and supplies
  4. Familiarity with cleaning appliance
  5. Multitasking and diligence skills
  6. The ability to follow health and safety standards.


  1. One year of similar work experience
  2. Must be 18 years of age or older
  3. High school degree
  4. Stable in the medical status.

Apply Now

Available Afternoon Cleaning Jobs In Melbourne

These are the following:

  1. School Cleaners
  2. Cleaning Site Supervisor
  3. Casual Cleaner-Afternoon Shift
  4. Cleaning Services Employee
  5. Cleaning Staff
  6. Full-time Commercial Cleaner
  7. Industrial Cleaner-Afternoon
  8. Office Cleaning job.
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Salary For Afternoon Cleaning Jobs In Melbourne

The average salary for an Afternoon Cleaning Jobs In Melbourne per worker or employer will usually bring your minimum hourly wage up to AUD 35 – AUD 45 an hour.

Conclusion Details On Afternoon Cleaning Jobs In Melbourne

All the details in this article must are taken seriously, and the website for registration or application concerning the Afternoon Cleaning Jobs In Melbourne.

Being an Afternoon Cleaner, you will work on a team of office cleaners alone, so collaborating with others, following your supervisor’s instructions, and staying on task are critical.

When choosing a better reference for the available Afternoon Cleaning Jobs In Melbourne selection, you must write correctly to avoid any mistakes.

I have established and portrayed the prominent detail or information concerning the available jobs and the website to find, register, and find the job you choose.

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